Download Ozbiz PCLawyer Now System Configuration and Equipment Requirements

Ozbiz PCLawyer is designed in a Microsoft Windows® environment using C++ Programming.
Mission-critical and commercial quality software is usually written in C++ because it is more robust although more expensive to produce.

  • The 32 Bit Version will run under any version of Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE,NT3 or NT4. We run our own copy of PCLawyer via a WINDOWS® 2000 Server. We have commenced a process of redeveloping this program to ensure compatibility with Windows® 2000. This will result in the submission of the program to an Australian testing laboratory as a preamble to a possible certification application.
  • Ozbiz PCLawyer is Network-aware and will operate as a true multi-user program under most networks.
  • A good way to centralise filing is to run the datafiles on the server and the executable on each workstation.
  • There is no charge for additional per site copies.

Ozbiz PCLawyer is supported with;

  1. User Manual On-line,
  2. context­sensitive help,
  3. telephone support,
  4. on­site demonstration, tuition and implementation is available free if you pre-purchase.

In order to use Ozbiz PCLawyer you require an IBM compatible PC which utilises at least an 80386 processor.

The program will operate on a base­level machine requiring only a minimum of 8 megabytes of RAM, Windows 95 or higher and at least 30 Megabytes of free hard disk space. A laser printer is recommended but a bubble­jet will do.

Ozbiz PClawyer can be operated on a stand­alone PC or most network systems.

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