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Ozbiz PClawyer is a powerful Windows™ forms manager designed specifically for Australian Small Business.

Does your business employ people, carry monthly accounts, lease property? If so, you know precisely how important it is to be able to respond to changing circumstances at any given moment.

If you employ people, you know it is essential to record the precise details of employee counselling. Your organisation undoubtedly spends countless hours keeping employee records up­to­date.

Whether you keep records of your book debts either manually or held on computer, it is often awkward ­ (and time­consuming) ­ to find specific documents whenever you happen to need them.

One Bad Debtor not followed up correctly... one disgruntled employee mishandled... a forgotten option to renew a lease... a simple error can cost your organisation thousands of dollars.

Ozbiz PCLawyer has been developed to solve all of these problems and more.

Quite simply, Ozbiz PCLawyer is a comprehensive library of Business Documents and Legal Forms most used by Australian Small Business. This library is contained in a sophisticated forms manager designed to run under a Microsoft Windows™ environment.

Ozbiz PCLawyer is a dynamic management tool which gives your company rapid access to the vital documents needed to make an immediate response to almost any situation encountered in managing your operations effectively.

Once installed and running, Ozbiz PCLawyer saves your company a great deal of time

Not only does it do away with many routine tasks ­ leaving your staff free to use their hours more profitably ­ it also assists you to optimise both income and cash flow. The Credit In Category contains a progressive debt collection function backed by Ozbiz Telephone Support.

As you will see by browsing this website Ozbiz PCLwayer can be used to control a wide variety of your management functions; everything from debt collection to employee management.

If you run Windows™ 3.xx, 95, 98 or NT, you can run PCLawyer, see more about the program requirements by accessing the Web Page on this Site titled System Requirements in the Program Contents

From our experience with companies already utilising Ozbiz PCLawyer, operating staff find the program a pleasure to use.

As you would expect, customer support is available: specialist help is never more than a phone call away.

Check the price. At just $295 with free internet upgrades to 2002 - Ozbiz PCLawyer is a ridiculously­affordable asset for any Australian Small Business.

Can Ozbiz PCLawyer help your company? Download the functional evaluation program from this Web Site or if you would like to place a firm order we would happy to arrange an on-site installation and a tutorial/demonstration of the system.

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